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 The Garden District forum ~ a brief history

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Judge Jane

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PostSubject: The Garden District forum ~ a brief history   Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:43 am

A brief history...

We originated from the Queen of The Damned forum, which was an Anne Rice forum for discussion of the then forthcoming QOTD film. The Garden District was born on 28th January 2004. The original idea was Nicky's, I've also been on board since the very beginning, and our original members followed us from there.

The Garden itself quickly developed its own personality, beyond anything myself or Nicky could have envisioned. As a forum we are a little edgy, a little naughty, with a huge sense of humour and fun; our members have the ability to laugh at themselves and not take things too seriously. We are very open in everything we do as admins here, and we try to make everyone feel special and included, because a forum is nothing without its members.

We started out on Ezboard, then on 1st August 2006 we moved to Invision and spent 2 years there. On 10th November 2008 we moved back to our original forum (now Yuku). On 15th January 2012 we moved again to our current home!
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The Garden District forum ~ a brief history
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